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Salaries of the Police Service will be increased from January 01.

The salaries of the police service will be increased since January 01, 2017 as the government promised, Minister of Law and Order and Southern Development Sagala Ratnayaka said.

Government is now in an attempt of creating a more effective, efficient and public friendly police service as it is very important in the development process in the country, he added.

Minister Ratnayaka was addressing the opening ceremony of the new police station in Kotawila, Matara. According to the Police Headquarters it is the 450th police station in Sri Lanka.

Large number of police stations have been established in village areas as most of the police posts have already became the police stations. Police stations should not be large with the development. But the service rendering by the police should be developed with the time according to the social requirements. The police service should go ahead along with the modern technology, the minister explained.

“At present the number of organized crimes is increasing rapidly. We are now making arrangements to bring up a new act on Organized crimes with new rules and regulations. In addition all arrangements are in place to replace the Prevention of Terrorist Act (PTA). We hope to replace the PTA act with the aim of protecting human rights, as we cannot see terrorism in the country. Following the PTA can cause human rights violations in some instances,” he further stated.





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