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Confiscated money not the funds of CSN

Media Secretary to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Chairman of the Carlton Sports Network (CSN) Rohan Weliwita says that the sum of 157.5 million which had been recently confiscated by the Kaduwela magistrate is not the money of CSN.
Issuing a media release Rohan Weliwita says that the money which had been confiscated by the magistrate was not owned by any director or share holder of CSN. “As I got to know from some FCID officers that money had been deposited in an account of a company known as Amtrad Holding Pvt. Ltd and the relevant bank has already confirmed that those money had not been deposited in the accounts of CSN. I am not holding any position at the Amtrad Holding”, he explained.
“Though there is a director named Rohan in that company, it is not fair pointing out me as him. It is a huge criticism for my reputation which I have built as a journalist and a artist. We have no any connection with that money confiscation”, he further stated.
Meanwhile, it has already revealed that Rajapaksa family is the owner of that confiscated money though Rohan said that money was not owned to CSN.
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