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Railway Department obtains new firearms to shoot at culprits

The Railway Department has taken over a stock of firearms to shoot at the persons who are pelting stoned at trains.

Superintendent of Railway Security Anura Premaratne said that these weapons have the ability to fire within a distance of 15 meters and they have taken over 25 that type of  firearms from the Naval Base in Welisara.

At present Railway Security personnel are using General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs) and there are 192 that firearms at the Railway Department. The Railway Security personnel will be trained to use new pistols after they registered under the Railway Department, he explained.

“After the training the relevant officers will be deployed for the trains. We have already deployed two security officers with the weapons for the identified trains as 12 incidents of pelting stones at trains have reported during the recent past. Seven persons have been arrested and remanded over pelting stones to the train”, he further added.



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