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Colombo Port to increase container operations to 30 million by 2030

The container operations in the Colombo Port is targeted to increase up to 30 million by 2030, Secretary to the Ministry of Ports and Shipping L. P. Jayampathy said.

The current Colombo Port has to be expanded six times in size to achieve the above target, he added.

Jayampathy said that, they were to take the first step to create the most competitive South Asian Maritime Service.

“The vision of the Sri Lankan Ports Authority is to develop the port as such that it provides the most competitive maritime service in South Asia . However, these developments should happen in an Eco-friendly manner,” Jayampathy said.

Jayampathy said “Sri Lanka is a very important destination in the field of marine when it comes to the Western, Eastern Silk routine. According to the trade agreements made with India, China, Singapore and other countries, Sri Lanka receives a major role or becomes a key center in exchange of goods. Now when only the Port of Colombo is taken in to consideration, approximately around six million containers are under operation. This capacity can be increased up to 30 million by 2030. Therefore, compared with the current Colombo Port the necessity arises to expand the Port six times the size in the future. Currently due to this reason the Eastern terminal at the Port of Colombo is still under rapid construction and necessary arrangements and plans have been made to construct the new West terminal.

“We expect to complete these constructions by around 2020. Afterwards, the government expects to develop the port starting from Colombo to North in two stages. An extensive study involving this has already been done by the Asian Development Bank and JICA and agreements have already been made,” he said

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