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Rio Olympics ends and Olympic flags goes to Tokyo


The Rio Olympics come to a close yesterday (Sunday) and the Olympic Flag was officially handed over to Japan. According the next Olympics will be hosted in Tokyo in 2020.

The final medal count of the Rio Olympics is in. As expected, the United States did quite well. The U.S. team racked up the most medals overall and the most gold medals of the 2016 Summer Games, led by outstanding performances in swimming (33 medals), track and field (32 medals), and gymnastics (12 medals).

With 46 gold medals and a ridiculous 121 total medals, the U.S. far exceeded any other country in Rio. Great Britain came in second with 27 gold medals, followed closely by China with 26 golds. China had the second most total medals with 70 medals.

The top national tallies as below.

Gold Medal Count:

United States: 46

Great Britain: 27

China: 26

Russia: 19

Germany: 17

Japan: 12

France: 10

South Korea: 9

Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Hungary: 8


Total Medal Count:

United States: 121

China: 70

Great Britain: 67

Russia: 56

Germany, France: 42

Japan: 41

Australia: 29

Italy: 28

Canada: 22


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