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The license of the drunken pilot suspended

The Civil Aviation Authority yesterday said that the license of Sri Lankan Airlines pilot who caused the flight delay in last Friday and failed the failed the alcohol test has been suspended by the the Director General of the Civil Aviation as the investigations over him are going on.
Sri Lankan Airlines previously suspended the service of pilot who was to operate flight from Frankfurt to Colombo causing delay after failing alcohol test.
The flight UL554, belonging to Sri Lankan Airlines which was to fly from Frankfurt to Colombo in Friday was unable to leave Frankfurt on time.
According to the passengers who were on board, the flight had been  delayed for 15 hours and they have been provided with meals and accommodation.
In a statement Sri Lankan Airlines said that the crew member concerned has been suspended and will be withheld from operating services pending the outcome of the investigation. SriLankan Airlines would like to reassure its customers that the safety of passengers and crew are the paramount consideration of the Airline and will not be compromised under any circumstances.
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