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Today is President’s birthday

The birthday of President Maithripala Sirisena falls today.

President Sirisena has regarded as a senior politician with good leadership qualities who is the 6th Executive and current President of Sri Lanka.

He is the son of Albert Sirisena, who was awarded five acres of paddy land in Polonnaruwa near by D. S Senanayake and his mother was a school teacher.

Mr. Sirisena has also won the confidence of the common masses. A leader who pursues gentlemen politics has set an example to the world leaders. President Sirisena also shown his good humanitarian qualities by understanding the grievances of the different communities.

He has also addressed the grievances and the problems of the affected people in an effective manner. President Sirisena started his political career in Sri Lanka Freedom party and gradually came up to the position of General Secretary. He contested as the common candidate of the opposition in 2015 presidential election and won the presidential election with a clear majority.

President Sirisena is an honest politician who has contributed immensely to establish good governance in this country. He pursues a simple and an ordinary life.

Meanwhile, many religious and community programmes are organized to mark this special day.

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