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7% increase in accidents

The number of accidents reported during the past two days shows an increase of 7 per cent in comparison to December last year. Sources at the Colombo National Hospital said there is a 14 per cent increase in the number of road accidents this year in comparison to 2015.

However, the source said other types of accidents have seen a decrease in comparison to the previous year.

Chief Training Nurse of the Colombo National Hospital Pushpa Ramyani Soyza said 198 patients are currently receiving in-house treatment, of which 132 had met with road accidents. She also said 67 persons had sought treatment after suffering injuries at home, while 121 suffered injuries due to falls.

Thirty-four cases of domestic violence were also reported during the past two days. One person was admitted with firework related injuries. She added that there has been a 13% increase in in-house patients in 2016.
The Chief Training Nurse also said there has been a 32% decrease in household accidents, while domestic violence related injuries recorded a 12% decrease.

However, she said, two deaths were reported this year – while only one death was recorded during the festive season in 2015.

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