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Meters made mandatory for trishaws

Issuing an extraordinary gazette, the Transport Ministry imposed a heap of regulations on three-wheeler drivers/owners including clauses to make it mandatory to have an operational taximeter and prohibiting them from smoking at all times while on duty.

The gazette released on January 9 said the drivers should behave in a civil and orderly manner, should not finish the tour before he has been discharged by the hire and should carry passengers to their destinations by the shortest possible route within the shortest time unless otherwise requested by the passengers.

“It is the duty of the driver to issue a receipt for the payment. Such receipt should include the distance traveled, vehicle registration number, amount charged and the date of receipt,” the gazette said.

Drivers were ordered to display the vehicle registration number, name and driving license number of the driver, a photograph of the driver and telephone numbers of the respective police stations where the vehicle is registered to inform in the case of emergency, behind the driver seat to be clearly visible to passengers.

The Transport Ministry, from the gazette, said drivers should also examine the three-wheeler for any article accidentally left therein by any passenger.

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