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Child exploitation cases numbering 19,000 still pending

Nearly 32,000 cases are pending in the Attorney General’s Department of which 19,000 of them are child exploitation cases, Justice Ministry Additional Secretary Sunil Samaraweera said. Samaraweera said there are about 14,200 Grama Niladhari divisions and 9,600 schools in the country.

“It seems there is a child exploitation case in every village. There are many child exploitation cases in some villages,” he said at a ceremony to hand over appointment letters to 350 new Justices of Peace at the Buddhasasana Ministry auditorium yesterday.Samaraweera pointed out that if villagers are vigilant, the number of crimes can be reduced.

A part of the duties of the JP is taking steps to protect street children, children of unmarried parents, children in fatherless families etc. There are civil defence committees in villages but it seems they are not vigilant enough, he said.

“There are persons in all villages who are eyeing vulnerable children. Vulnerable children should be protected from them.

Vigilance can reduce the number of court cases getting added to the existing lot,” Samaraweera said.

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