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Children more secure in school than with parents: President

Children are most insecure while they are in the care of their parents and they are relatively more protected during their time under the guardianship of the school, President Maithripala Sirisena Said in Galle.

He was addressing the Galle District convention of the Southern Province Mothers’ Health Club Federation (Maw Saukya Samaja Sammelanaya) at the Galle Siri Dhamma School.

The President was the chief guest on the occasion.

According to information spread in society through the media the children have become more unprotected during their time at home under the care of parents. They are not so unsafe while they are at schools under the custody of teachers.

The highly competitive life styles of parents have led to this pathetic situation of children. Due to the economic struggle the parents have to face they overlook their obligations towards their children.

Hence the children of today are quite insecure under their parent’s custody President observed.

Recent police records on child protection also provide proof to the fact that they are unsafe in the hands of their mothers and fathers for parents have become less responsive to their young sons’ and daughters’ needs and ambitions. In such a situation the Mothers’ Health Clubs Federation can render a great contribution to correct this situation, President added.

President Sirisena hailing the Mothers’ Health Club movement said that it was a highly rewarding and constructive undertaking that should be introduced to other provincial Councils of the Country.

“The Southern Province Mothers’ Health Club movement is a highly beneficial program. I was delighted to observe that these clubs render a very significant contribution to the society under the guidance and support of government health sector. It helps to carry the state health messages to the society. The program should be nationally recognized and implemented throughout the country. It helps to ensure a healthy and strong family unit which will lead to the country’s economic and social prosperity, the President observed.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is the major contributor for poverty and many economic evils of society. Mothers who are organized under Mothers’ Health clubs can take the massage of importance of being free from all kinds of drug addiction. I urge the mothers to contribute their share to build a country free of drugs and narcotic.

Mothers can do much for the welfare of the society. In our great Sri Lankan culture and heritage the mother bears a prominent place. Mothers should take the lead for the prosperity of the family. Many progressive and productive moves can be implemented through mothers’ organizations.

The Presidential Secretariat has initiated a new program to ensure the protection of children ,President Sirisena further observed.

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