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Gazette on maximum retail price on rice not yet issued?

The gazette notification on the maximum retail price of rice has not yet been issued, we learn.

Sources revealed that the control price set for the sale of rice will come into effect from midnight February 06. The decision to set the maximum retail price per kilogram of Nadu and Samba rice at a value of Rs. 70 and Rs. 80 respectively, was made during a Cabinet meeting discussing issues related to the cost of living.

A spokesperson representing the authorities acknowledged the fact that, if legal action was to be taken regarding the price of rice, then a gazette should be issued prior to any action.

Hence government officials would not have the power to carry out raids in retail stores to make sure that the set price regulations are followed. However, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Rishad Bathuideen stated that vendors abusing the price regulations, selling their goods over the set MRP, will have legal action taken against them, during a rally held in Vavuniya.

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