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I received threatening calls: Dr. Sameera

SAITM CEO Dr. Sameera Senaratne revealed that he received several telephone calls on his mobile phone and to SAITM threatening him to resign from SAITM before he was shot at on Monday afternoon.

“After the Court Order on January 31, I received several telephone calls threatening me to resign from SAITM. I did not care much about it until I received a threatening letter on February 3 and then I lodged a complaint with police,” he said.

Dr. Senaratne said he had a narrow escape. According to him he was satisfied with the police investigations into the shooting incident. “Even if I am removed, SAITM will perform as I am only a single person of this institute. SAITM will not be affected by my removal since someone else will take my place and take measures to take the institute forward,” he said.

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