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State Minister of Finance calls for answers from Mahendran over audit report.

State Minister of Finance Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena says Arjuna Mahendran should provide answers to the allegations raised in the audit report. The State Minister added that Mahendran continues to issues media releases without signatures. Several newspapers yesterday published a release said to have been issued by Former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran, over the allegations which are being raised by civil and political representatives, citing an internal audit report of the Central Bank. According to the letter, the Central Bank has not queried Arjuna Mahendran regarding an internal audit report.

The newspaper reports, quote Arjuna Mahendran as saying, that he is being charged of various accusations in a bid to cover up the wrong-doings of the previous government. The Former Central Bank Governor has made a statement on the Central Bank’s internal audit report, and according to Abeywardena it is not known if this letter was signed by him even though the former governor’s picture has been published in print media. The internal audit report of any company should usually be handed over to the head of the institution.

Therefore, the report should be handed over to the Governor of the Central Bank and it has been handed over to the current Governor. Thus the Internal Audit Department does not have the right to even question the former governor which means the proper procedure in handing over this report has been followed, says Abeywardane. He pointed out that it is the current governor’s duty to reveal what is true, and what is not, within the report. But it has not been done, and if it had been, there should be a separate trial regarding this issue as well, just like the one for the bond scam. “There is no need to mislead the general public of this country.

Was this media release issued under any signature? If it is not the case, as time goes by he will easily say that it wasn’t his”, he pointed out. State Minister Abeywardena also emphasised that certain groups are attempting to protect the wrongdoers. “We are looking into this matter internally. Certain people are writing letters and we know exactly who is writing for the papers. We know about these people as well, because they are the ones who are writing to protect them. They are the ones behind all of this. It is a bit difficult to stop talking about this once I start.” The state minister charged that the former governor was the only one who was not sworn in to such a position, and it is a problem as to why such a person held a position in this country without taking an oath.

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