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Army to produce own prosthetic for disabled war heroes

Disabled War Heroes of the Army and other sister services who need to change or adjust their prosthetics regularly during respective growth phases would be the main beneficiaries of locally-produced legs and limbs shortly since the Army were to open its state-of-the-art orthopaedic unit and the newest factory for production of own prosthetics in a two-storied building complex, the Army said in a statement.

The project, expected to provide benefits to more than 300 differently able personnel every month, costs the Army around Rs 81 million, in addition to the technical equipment and machinery, valued at Rs 126 million.

Its construction is to be completed in three months. The production process thereafter is to be manned by more than 50 differently-able soldiers after completion of training in prosthetics with the support of foreign experts.

The new construction is to be completed with the collective technical expertise of Corps of Engineer Services (CES), backed by segments of troops, drawn from all other Regiments in the Army as the project gets underway. The complex will be built inside the Ragama Ranaviru Sevana Rehabilitation Centre premises.

Ragama Ranaviru Sevana houses a total of 125 disabled War Heroes who are recuperating and still under rehabilitation, due to battlefield injuries.

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