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Government to unveil a dedicated bus lane – Patali

The government will test a pilot project on a dedicated bus lane as a solution to severe traffic congestion during peak hours in Colombo, a top government minister said Wednesday.

Minister Patali Ranawaka told that a week-long test of the priority lane for buses will put into practice from 12 March.

The project will be tested on a one kilometer stretch of the road from Rajagiriya – Rajagiriya Ayurveda junction. “The use of public transportation has reduced from 80 per cent to 50 per cent since 1980,” Ranawaka said.

The minister also went on to say at present about a Rs.1 billion is lost daily due to traffic jams across the country.

Ranawaka also stressed the importance of using public transportation more frequently than utilizing private transportation. The minister pointed out that the public intend to use private transportation due to the insufficiency of public transport.

“An express bus system would too be introduced, if this pilot project is successful,” he said.

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