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Kinniya, Trinco govt. hospitals full of dengue patients

With fresh dengue cases being reported every day, government hospitals in Kinniya and Trincomalee are finding it difficult to keep up with the rush of patients due to inadequate infrastructure.

Patients with symptoms similar to dengue continue to line up at government hospitals and inwards patients face many inconveniences due to lack of space even to sit or sleep in the hospitals.

Eastern Provincial Health Minister A.L.M.Nazeer visited the Kinniya hospital to look into the facilities at the hospital for dengue patients.

Temporary wards have been set up enabling the staff to treat patients effectively. The Provincial Health Minister also ordered the authorities concerned to deploy more doctors and nurses to treat the large number of Dengue patients in the Kinniya and Trincomalee hospitals. He told the Daily News that the Provincial Health Department succeeded in controlling dengue outbreak in the province by implementing a number of programmes with public assistance.

He said that over 1,200 dengue patients were reported from the Kinniya MoH division and seven females,three males and two children died of dengue.

The Kinniya MoH has put in place several measures aiming at eradicating dengue in the area.

Public Health Inspectors with the assistance of the Tri-Forces and Police have already started making house visits to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds.

The public are requested to clean the drains, bare lands, sewage water channels as these are dengue breeding places.

The nearby canals are also become dengue mosquito breeding places.

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