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President promises to immediately resolve unemployed graduates’ problems

President Maithripala Sirisena assured that the government will take immediate actions to provide solutions to problems of the unemployed graduates in the country.

Speaking at the conclusion of the Yowun Puraya youth camp in Trincomalee Saturday, the President said the unemployment graduate problem is not an issue limited only to the North and East but to the whole country.

The President said the queue of unemployed graduate has lengthened during the last few years and employing graduates in the past without any insight, plan or formality has created a whole lot of problems for the graduates now.

He said the country’s strength and the force is the youth and the culture of going after the politicians for them to obtain employment should be completely stopped. The doors should be opened for the youth based on their knowledge, skills, creativity and ability, the President said.

President Sirisena said he along with the Prime Minister and the cabinet of ministers has held discussions with a trade union of employed graduates on the issues they have faced along with the problems of the unemployed graduates to reach a solution.

He pointed out that although graduates have been provided with jobs they are confronted by problems since a proper evaluation has not been made when granting jobs and both employed and unemployed groups need to be considered when making decisions regarding employment of graduates.

The four-day Yowun Puraya Youth Camp organized at Trincomalee has drawn to a successful conclusion yesterday. The National Youth Services Council has indicated plans to hold more youth camps in the future

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