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President pledges full scale investigation on detention camps

President Maithripala Sirisena pledged to launch a full scale special investigation into the allegations that disappeared persons are being held in certain detention camps. The special investigation would be launched with the aim of ascertaining the truth behind such allegations.

“If anyone forwards such information on disappeared persons who are said to be held in some place or places, a full scale investigation would be conducted to ascertain the truth. I will appoint a special committee to ascertain whether there is such detention centres,” President Sirisena said.

Addressing a gathering in Sampur area, the President added that a special committee would be appointed soon, considering the reports and recommendations of the Commission appointed earlier.

He also said that when considering the allegations levelled against the Government, it could be considered that there is a political conspiracy.

President Sirisena said a campaign is being carried out in the media about the alleged disappearances of some school children who had posed for a photograph with him in Jaffna in 2015.

“According to that political conspiracy, there is an allegation that several students appeared in a photograph with me in 2015 when I visited the Jaffna Hindu College and had gone missing. If such things had happened or these students have really disappeared, I assure my fullest support to search for them,” he said.

“This is a serious political conspiracy. I will make sure that all such cases are investigated properly and promptly,” the President stressed.

Addressing the gathering, the President said that everybody should get-together and work in unity by understanding the value of freedom and the hard earned peace.

He also stated that the conspiracies of extremists carried out to topple the government and to mislead the people should be defeated.

The President said that the Government has set up an Office for Missing Persons (OMP), but awaits further legislation to make it operational. He said that he had already instructed the Cabinet and the Prime Minister to make necessary moves to empower the OMP further.

“I also advised the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to take necessary measures to make amendments to the Act approved by Parliament to establish an office for disappearances,” he said.

He said the Government would never neglect the development work in the North and South. The President emphasized that all politicians should be dedicated to safeguard the freedom gained and the stability of national peace and reconciliation

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