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Man dashes dog on the floor killing it

A story of human beings’ brutality against what should be ‘man’s best friend’ was reported from Anguruwathota, Pilawagupitiya where a dog had strayed into a neighbour’s compound only to be attacked by the dog in that house and suffered an injury to one of its eyes as a result.

The owner of the injured dog was incensed by what his neighbour’s dog had done to his pet and he got hold of the attacker and dashed the dog on the floor, killing it instantly.

His own dog attempted to show his owner its appreciation by rubbing itself on his owner’s leg.

But instead of being happy by the animal’s affectionate nature, the man lifted his own dog off the floor and dashed him on the road as well, injuring it.

Luckily for the animal though, it was not too badly hurt and managed to scamper away and escaped with its life.

Onlookers, who saw what had transpired, brought the incident to the notice of the police who took the man into custody.

The suspect was to be produced in the Horana Court. Panadura SSO Saman Rathnayake was heading the investigation.

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