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Dengue takes the life of a Bhikkuni

Venerable Kottawe Shantha Nanda Bhikkuni has passed away while being treated for dengue at the Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital.

At the time of her untimely death, the Bhikkuni had been 37, while she had had her initial education as a laywoman from Visakha Vidayala, Colombo 4.

The late Bhikkuni, who was a diploma holder in mass media from the Colombo University, was reading for her PhD at the Buddhist and Pali University.

Ven. Kottawe Shantha Nanda Bhikkuni, who has travelled to Vietnam, Thailand and Thaiwan representing Sri Lanka at the World Bhikku, Bhikkuni Conference had been spreading the word of the Dhamma in Panadura when she had been struck down by the dengue fever.

Shantha Nanda Bhikkuni was the second daughter of Mawbima journalist, Daya Perera.

The remains of the Bhikkuni are currently lying at the Sakyadeepa Training and Meditation Centre, Gal Kanuwa Road, Gorakana, Panadura.

The funeral will be held today at 4.00pm

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