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PRECIFAC to expedite investigations into major complaints

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate and inquire into serious acts of fraud, corruption and abuse of power, state resources and privileges (PRECIFAC) will expedite investigations into the major complaints it has received regarding serious acts of fraud, Secretary to the commission H.W. Gunadasa said.

He stated that inquiries will be expedited by obtaining statements by affidavits through attorneys instead of conducting hearings before the commission.

Additional dates will also be set for the commission to convene within the next two months, Mr Gunadasa said.

The presidential commission of inquiry has so far submitted 12 reports to the President with regard to completed investigations into complaints.

The commission’s term is set to end in September this year while the commission will reconvene on Thursday (June 15).

The complaint regarding alleged fraud and corruption in the National Youth Services Council is to be taken up on Thursday while 8 former officials including its former Chairman Lalith Piyum Perera have been named as parties received notice.

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