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Pregnant Daughter-in-law suffers burn injuries

The Bagawanthalawa Superintendent of Medical Health A.S.K. Jayasuriya had informed the local police to conduct an investigation into the incident where a pregnant woman had been mercilessly burnt with a fire brand and caused injuries to her.

The victim Letchuman Wijemani (22) of Bagawanthalawa Pedroso Estate who had called over at the clinic at the office of the Medical Superintendent with severe burn injuries in her chest and head aroused suspicion of the medical officer and when inquired had revealed that her mother-in law had caused these injuries.

The victim had been admitted to the Bagawanthalawa Divisional hospital and the medical officer had taken action to report this matter to the local police.

Sources revealed that this woman is already a mother of one child and she is expecting the second child. She had confessed that her Mother-in-law assaults her son as well and he keeps on ignoring the assaults made on her.

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