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Police arrest man for allegedly robbing his Facebook mistress

An individual has been arrested by the Saliyawewa Police for allegedly stealing and making off with a gold chain and a stash of foreign currency from his lover whom he had met on the social network of Facebook.

Investigations revealed that the suspect had befriended a woman employed overseas through Facebook. The friendship had then progressed into a romantic affair, after which the female had visited Sri Lanka, whereupon the suspect had allegedly stolen her gold chain and money and then proceeded to flee the scene of the crime.

The arrestee is said to be a 36-year-old resident of Rangala, Kandy, who is a construction worker by profession.

Police revealed that the suspect was in fact married, and that his wife was residing overseas for employment. During the wife’s absence, the suspect had developed the romantic affair with the victim over Facebook.

The victim is reported to be a resident of Saliyawewa, Puttalam.

Preliminary investigations had revealed that the suspect had taken measures to divorce his wife with the intention of marrying the woman he had befriended on Facebook.

The suspect had picked his lover up from the Bandaranaike International Airport, and escorted her to her home in Saliyawewa and spent a few days with her before disappearing.

Upon discovering that the individual had made off with her gold chain worth about Rs. 51,000 and an additional 200 dinar in cash, the woman had filed a complaint with the Saliyawewa Police.

Sources state that the Police had made the arrest in Rangala, Kandy, following the filing of the complaint.

The stolen gold chain had also been discovered during the arrest.

The Saliyawewa Police including OIC Chaya Kumarasinghe are conducting further investigations into the incident.

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