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Vocational training for three-wheeler drivers – Chandima

Minister of Skill Development and Vocational Training, Chandima Weerakody stated that all three wheeler drivers will be given the opportunity to engage in vocational training programs in the future.

He stated that most individuals who engage in this occupation tend to stick to specializing in that particular job throughout their lifetime, and that the vocational training will allow them to look for job opportunities elsewhere. Training to become electricians and plumbers are a few of the examples of the genre of training programs that will be offered, which will help the individuals generate extra an extra income for themselves.

All individuals who have successfully completed their O/L’s will be eligible to apply for a course in Welding course offered by Ceylon German Technical Training institute, where applications should be submitted by the 20 of this month. Certain Training programs have also been organized in areas in Galle, which will be held on the 25th of this month.

He added that the main goal of such training programs is to eliminate poverty from the county, and that they have understood the problems of the people.

Weerakody added that the government is working towards creating jobs to help fit the skills acquired by the people in the country, in order to alleviate unemployment and poverty.

Furthermore he stated that discussions between other countries have already begun in order to help finance the planned projects, and that the ministry of foreign employment is looking towards expanding job opportunities in foreign countries.


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