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RS 7.5 Billion loss as a result of foreign education

Law and Order and Southern Development Minister Sagala Rathnayaka said the country loses a massive Rs. 7.5 billion annually due to students going abroad for higher education at foreign universities.

“Large sums drain out from the country annually as there is not enough room for higher education within the country.

This situation requires the country to make room more higher education opportunities here,” he said.

He said with the facilities available within the country only around 30,000 students of the 300,000 students who enter Grade One annually can enrol for Higher Education annually.

“But around 160,000 students who sit the Advanced Level Examination qualify for higher studies.There is a huge vacuum for higher studies as there is not enough higher education opportunities.

Therefore, there should be a way for these students to pursue higher education within the country,”Rathnayaka said.

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