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President ensures economic prosperity through agriculture

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday pledged to take all possible measures during his term of office to bring economic prosperity to the country through agriculture by uplifting the farmer economy.

He said as a son of a farmer family, he will take unrelenting efforts to uplift agriculture and the farmer economy.

The President said steps will be taken to fill all major reservoirs with water to ensure that farmers will not face any water or irrigation problem in the future.

He gave this assurance addressing a Jana hamuwa at the Welamitiyawa Vidyalaya grounds in Galewela after inaugurating the massive Wayamba Ela project which would end the lamenting story of people of Wayamba who demanded water for drinking and to feed their verdant farm lands.

The President said it was the duty of all citizens to shelve party and other petty differences and join hands to develop and rebuild the country.

Changing or forming governments could be postponed for election time and all should assist the national development effort by forgetting all differences, President Sirisena said.

The President said saving the country form the present plight and steering it towards development would not be a difficult task if politicians and government servants performed an honest job of work. The government’s prime objective is to work towards achieving development goals, he said.

“The government would overcome all challenges to perform its duty of rebuilding the motherland as an excellent state.”

The President launched work on the first stage of the project by cutting the first sod of earth in the Wemedilla Left Bank Canal bank.

The President also distributed land deeds among people among people displaced due to the project.

The Wayamba Ela project funded by the ADB under the Mahaweli water security investment programme is aimed to uplift agriculture and solve the water scarcity problem by feeding a large number of tanks in the northern part of Kurunegala district by diverting waters of Mahaweli Ganga to the upper Mee Oya catchment area and Hakwatuna Oya.

Once the project is completed, 105,000 acre feet of Mahaweli water will be available to the northern section of Kurunegala district annually. Mahaweli water will feed 300 small tanks and eight major tanks.

This will facilitate the cultivation of 2,500 hectares under the Hakwatune Oya scheme and 3,500 hectares under the small tanks in the Mee Oya Catchment Complex.

A total of 12,000 hectares including them would receive irrigation facilities for cultivation during both seasons

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