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Man fleeing from jumbo encounters ‘ghost’

One fine night a person was returning home alone after attending a funeral home in the village. After hearing the sound of an approaching elephant he started to shimmy up a tree in panic.

While he was climbing up the tree he heard someone calling out to him from the top of the tree saying “climb slowly” and later felt his hand being grabbed by someone.

He was so terrified by what had occurred that he rapidly descended from the tree screaming.He was so busy trying to get away from what he thought was a ‘ghost’ he did not hear a friendly voice calling him not to run.

He did not stop running until he reached his home. He only regained his composure after tying a yellow thread a couple of days later with the assistance of an exorcist to ward off the ‘ghost’ he had encountered on top of the tree.

The person who was on the tree before this individual climbed it was another man from the same village who had also been frightened by the sound of the approaching elephant and had gone up the tree to avoid it.

-Daily Mirror-

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