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Angoda Loku behind shooting?

Western Province crimes, road safety and traffic in charge, Senior DIG Nandana Munasinghe, who is leading the investigations into the shooting incident in Kalutara said according to initial investigations a prominent underworld leader ‘Angoda Loku’ and several leading underworld figures were behind yesterday’s shooting.

“We are suspecting that Angoda Loku and several others were behind the shooting and their target was ‘Samayan’. This may be a result of a long-lasted revenge between the two factions and the two factions clashed eachother in few occasions earlier. So far evidence found confirming the suspects had waited till the Prison bus arrived more than two hours,” he said.

He further said the assassins had come armed and well prepared.

“The suspects had come with heavily armed with T-56 rifles and were organized well. They were known that the bus arrives in the usual route.

After committing the crime they had immediately fled the scene using a Van while leaving the vehicle which they have used to obstruct the road,” DIG said.

Meanwhile, police media said that five Police units had been deployed to investigate into the yesterday’s prison bus shooting incident in Kalutara and to capture the suspects who fled the crime scene, Police said.

The police investigation carried out so far had revealed that the suspects,who were wearing Khaki-suites in the guise of police officers when they carried out the crime, had been identified.


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