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General amnesty for illegal SL migrants in Lebonan

Government of Lebonan has agreed to extend a general amnesty for the illegal Sri Lankan migrant workers in the country, the Government Information Department announced.

“Sri Lankan Ambassador in Lebonan R.K. Wijerathne Mendis under the direction of the Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera, made a special request from the  Government of Lebonan to extend such general amnesty and the Embassy held discussions with the Lebonan Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Chief of the Department of Immigration and Migration General Ibraham Abbas in this regard.

Under this general amnesty, over 400 migrant workers staying in Lebonan illegally will be able to return to the country. No Sri Lankan migrant worker will be arrested or detained during this period,” it said in a statement.


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