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How can we recover data from a dead or broken laptop

1-You have to Get the hard drive disk enclosure:

Through this external system you can place your dead laptop’s hard drive into the external drive using USB port. You’ll have to check the specifications before making the purchase. For instance, If your laptop has the 2.5 SATA drive, you buy the 2.5 SATA USB enclosure.

-Make sure you buy a laptop size disk enclosure

-These can only be purchased online

2- You’ll have to Borrow a compatible working computer:

If you are using mac, go for a mac, If you are using windows, go for a windows and so on.

3-A user of MAC might be able to read all the contents of his hard drive while inserting a window drive into their own computer, if a separate driver is not installed. Example, Paragon NTFS or NTFS-3G:

But you have to be very careful about it, and only use DISK UTILITY while the process of mounting the hard drive, any other action being done might end up with losing all your data.

4- Removal of hard disk from dead laptop:

Turn the laptop off, unplug and remove its battery. Turn the laptop over, you will be able to see many screws intact. Look up in the internet how to unscrew your model of latop and open up the hard drive cover, removing the hard drive.

5- Remove disk enclosure connector (plate) & insert it in hard drive interface:

Look for the connector pins to make the connection.

6- Insertion of hard drive into the enclosure:

After reading the manual (of additional details), Screw it close as per the necessity.

7- Connect (external) hard drive to (working) computer using a USB cable:

The computer must be turned on, when the drive is connected, an icon will be appearing on your desktop/a notification might pop up.

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