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Fines and legal action as Dengue Declaration takes effect

The Ministry of Health says that all its officers have been instructed to enforce the Declaration on the Control of Dengue, which has been enacted for the Western Province.

The Ministry further said that under the declaration, spot fines can be imposed on individuals who neglect the proper upkeep of their premises and thus create an environment conducive for the breeding of Dengue mosquitoes. The declaration allows legal action to be taken against such individuals.

Furthermore, according to the declaration, those found guilty can be imposed a fine of Rs. 25,000 or handed down a six month prison term or  both.

The Ministry said that the necessary steps will be taken to expedite the enactment of said declaration in order to control the spread of dengue.

According to the ministry, over 25,000 Dengue patients and 40 Dengue-related deaths have been been reported this year so far

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