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Viral flu shuts Peradeniya campus

The University of Peradeniya has been temporarily shut as over 3,000 students at the university have taken ill with a viral flu.

Many of these students, have sought treatment from the university medical unit as well as nearby government hospitals.

A number of students have also been admitted to the Kandy and Peradeniya Hospitals. It is suspected that they might be suffering from the H1N1 influenza but this has not be confirmed as of yet.

Kandy General Hospital, Director General, Dr Saman Ratnayake said the students from the university have been allocated a separate ward for treatment.

Vice Chancellor of the University, Upul Dissanayake said he made this decision after it was recommended by an advisory committee comprising of all the Deans at the university.

This measure, taken to control the spread of the viral flu has also required that all students vacate university premises by 12 noon today (4).

Dissanyake explained that they hoped to close the University for the upcoming Sinhala and Tamil New Year from 9 April but they had to close earlier given the grave health situation.

The date on which the university would be re-opened has not been decided and is to be informed to the students at a later date.

The H1N1 virus has spread rapidly in the Central Province with 17 people thus far succumbing to it.

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