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65 deaths this year from dengue outbreak

With the reopening of schools for the new term, the Ministry of Health has decided to implement a program to prevent the spread of dengue in the vicinity of schools.

Accordingly, health officials, police officers and officers of the armed forces together will be inspecting school premises on the 28 and 29, Ministry of Health states.

In the process of these inspections, if mosquito larvae are found around schools, a period of one month would be given to clean the area.

According to the instructions of the Minister of Health, if the mosquito breeding places are not cleared during this allocated period, lawsuits would be filed against the principals of the relevant schools.

Reports reveal that 34,985 dengue patients and 65 deaths due to dengue have been recorded since the start of the year.

The Ministry of Health states that 12 districts at high risk of Dengue have been identified, and that potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes have also been identified in schools within these districts

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