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Jilted lover on a fast relents

A 22-year old jilted lover who conducted a fast atop a 30 feet high voltage electricity pylon at Diyabubula over the break up of his love affair and loss of job was coaxed to climb down from the pylon by the Hingurakgoda Police and people in the area and admitted to the Hindurakgoda hospital on May 4 morning due to his weak state.

The youth named Gamage Ruwan Niroshana Gamage of Digandala, Hettimane Ranwana had been earlier employed in a rice mill at Ethumalpitiya.

After losing his job he had befriended a girl in Hingurakgoda and carried on an affair with her. As the girl had deserted him , he climbed the electricity pylon around 5.30 pm on May 3 and started his fast dejected over his failed love affair and loss of job.

Although Police arrived on the scene and requested him to get down from his position he rejected all appeals.

Police had to get the CEB to disconnect the power supply through the pylon for the safety of the youth. As a result several areas in the Polonnaruwa district were without electricity.

Later people led by Police Inspector I.P.Jayatillake managed to coax the youth to climb down from the pylon.

He was admitted to the Hingurakgoda hospital due to his poor health. Police said he was due to be produced before the Hingurakgoda Magistrate on May 4 afternoon.

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