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Trekking Sri Pada at night during off-season prohibited

The Sri Pada pilgrim season concludes on Vesak Poya day this year. The six months thereafter up to next Unduwap Poya Day is the off season, said Sri Pada Sthanadhipathi and Chancellor Uva-Wellassa University Ven Bengamuwe Dhammadinna Thera.

Although local and foreign pilgrims undertake the pilgrimage to Sri Pada during the off-season too, climbing the mountain would not be permitted during night, Ven Dhammadinna Thera said.

Ven Dhammadinna said the decision to prohibit trekking during the night was taken to protect the sanctity of the sacred place. Last year, a group which undertook the trek at night had been involved in grave misconduct which aimed to undermine communal harmony.

He said after concluding the pilgrim season at midnight on May 10, the statue of God Saman and other sacred objects ‘Deva Abharana’ would be conveyed from the Uda Maluwa to the Galpottawala Raja Maha Viharaya along three routes the following (May 11) morning.

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