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Language officers to state institutions

Language officials are being appointed to state institutions. Minister Mano Ganeshan says, the programme needs about 3000 officials. Joining Subarathi programme SLBC the minister said, the language policy is a special requirement in developing national reconciliation.

He introduced language policy implementation as a special requirement for the resolving of national question.  According to tri language policy government documents have to be prepared in all three languages.  By this general public are able to manage their functions of government in a language day like much. J.Dadallage an special advisor for the prime minister said that, language problem

is an issue given to the nation by colonial rulers to rule the country by using divide and rule policy. Mr.Dadallage pointed out that everybody in the country should get-together in resolving policy problems of national importance. It can be implemented at a moment of a government of unity and coalition.

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