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Basmathi Rice imported from Pakistan suitable for consumption – Ministry

Ministry of Industry and Commerce said today that the recent consignment of ‘Basmathi’ rice imported from Pakistan by Sathosa is suitable for consumption.

The Ministry was compelled to issue a statement following a campaign launched by social media to defame the state retail super market chain.

In a statement, the ministry said there is a ongoing campaign with vested interests on social media to damage public trust of Sathosa super markets.

Meanwhile the local media learns that this rice variety was not popular among the consumers due to the news carried by online media calling it ‘Plastic Rice’ .

The statement said 20 metric tons of rice stock has been imported on May 15 this year however it has went through the stipulated protocols of quality assurance tests before it released to the market.

It further said, a food technologist has issued a clearance certificate stating that the consignment does not contain any harmful chemical substance which is unfit for human consumption.

The ministry also warned the public the particular imported rice is stickier after it cooked.

Therefore the ministry requested the public not to mislead on such baseless allegations as the ‘Sathosa’ is always committed to give the best products at a lowest rate.

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