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Police ask insurance firms for accident claims details

The Sri Lanka Police has decided to call reports from Insurance companies who pay ‘one the spot’ claims on motor accidents.

SP, Indika Hapugoda, Director Traffic Police said that some accidents that are settled by insurance companies without the mediation of the Police create a situation where traffic planning to the future is not possible. “We can’t maintain records and now we will inform Insurance companies to send us accounts of the accidents in the future,” he said.

We also observe that drink driving, motor bike and three wheels to be the main contributor for these accidents.

“There is dip in drink driving accidents after the fines were increased to Rs. 25, 000.”

He said that they police expected the fatal motor accidents reports last year (2,590) to double this year. “Sadly Sri Lanka has already registered over 2,000 fatal accidents this year.”

He also disclosed that last year Sri Lanka Police collected over RS. 2,239 million as traffic spot fines and court fines. This also included RS. 1,496 million collected form spot fines. “In the first quarter of this year we have collected RS. 472 million from traffic fines,” he said.

By the end of 2015, Sri Lanka recorded the highest death toll (2,801) due to the massive number of road accidents. Among the numbers of concern was the total number of fatal accidents (2,590) excluding the death toll mentioned prior.

Some of these statistics mentioned are due to the negligence of drivers when committing a criminal offense, leaving the victims stranded.

“Our main objective is to reduce the death toll by a minimum of 30% and total disability due to ‘Hit & Run’ by a minimum of 50% within two years. The ‘Don’t Hit & Run!’ project is to be implemented with grants from the Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) and contributions from sponsors. Creating awareness on how to prevent deaths and permanent disabilities due to ‘Hit and Run’ after an accident could reduce the death rate considerably,” said Dhammika Attygalle, President of AA Ceylon.

In addition, AA Ceylon will display messages on the repercussions of Hit & Run together with Boy scouts and volunteers to create awareness.

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