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Sathosa Basmati consumable says ITI report

The controversial consignment of Basmati rice that made a panic among the public was consumable and did not contain plastic rice, the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) said in it’s quality report.

However, the ITI said the samples had been collected by the CAA and the ITI can only take responsibility for what they tested.

The sample of the controversial consignment of Basmati rice was sent by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to the Industrial Technology Institute for testing, following rumors that the consignment had plastic rice in it.

Following the quality report issued, ITI Acting Director General Ananda Pannila said the eight rice samples that were sent by the CAA passed comprehensive tests conduct by the ITI.

“We tested the rice samples using the latest technology. However, we did not find any harmful molecules during the comprehensive tests. Therefore I can assure the samples we received are clean and good for human consumption,” he said.

Meanwhile, the statement issued by the CAA said that the imported rice was suitable for the human consumption based on the report issued by the ITI.

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